Saturday, August 10, 2013

Age Old Question

Pardon the intentional pun but the topic up for debate today is Age vs. Love. Now I know there are many other controversial issues out there but I'm going to choose one that is close to my heart.In fact this is a problem I'm going through right now.

I'm from a little island called Sri lanka, and in my community age is a huge deal.And the problem doesn't stop there we are also a little sexist among other things,however not all of them are negative.Age is not a problem when it comes to younger women dating/marrying older men;given that the man is not an old geezer.Society all over the world frowns upon such women labelling them as gold diggers,which might or might not be true.
However when it comes to men,dating a woman older than they are is quite unseeming.Here's where my story begins

Recently I've been courting an older lady,not a "cougar" mind you, just older,and when I happen to mention this to a couple of friends they seemed to be quite concerned with how old she was.Her personality,her virutes, her character and even her looks came second to this.Whether we got along was moot. I told one of my friends that Age wasn't a problem and she replied by saying "In real life age does matter".Unforutnately we ended it and I really think age became a factor,not because we weren't right for each other,no; it was society's pressure on it not being the norm that forced her to back out.

The Controversy of the day is does age really matter when it comes to love/relationship? If so at what point does it become an issue? Let's establish some parameters,if there are any;that is all up to you.Leave your comments below or visit  ,and hopefully after I tally the comments we'll have a conclusion.

To paraphrase Mark Twain "Age is an issue of mind over matter.If you don't mind it doesn't matter;as long as they aren't underage, that's some sick sh*t right there"
Quote Love over Age vs relationships dating older men women hot sexy mind controversy

Now I'm not going dive into the illegal ocean that is pedophilia;that is for another time.

Life Of Controversy

Hello Dear Readers and Welcome To My Life Of  Controversy.

This is a blog I have decided to start this instant ,because I'm spontaneous like that,to address certain controversial issues,topics,subjects,Insert more synonyms to your heart's content; and upon doing so come to conclusions or in this case solutions of sorts to the afore mentioned controversies based on  public opinion,in otherwords the good folk of the World wide web.


Before moving on a simple disclaimer stating that the solutions aren't personalized advice,any conclusions we come across may or may not work for you as an individual,and may or may not have a negative impact on your life;it all comes down to the situation you are in and other factors that affect your decision and yourself.As the saying goes "to each his own",especially when it comes to decision making. I do hope that makes sense.

Now that that dreary business is taken care of we move on to the fun part, how this is going to work,assuming it does work and people actually read this blog,which if they don't will result in not only the utter failure of this experiment but also making me look like an idiot speaking to myself,but I digress.


How is this going to work ?!? Well for now the format is that I'm going to share my two cents with you and you the reader will comment stating For or Against ; and for those diplomatic people well you can share your two cents as well,thereby allowing you to remain happy,stuck in the middle,on the fence,in no man's land.As you can see I am clearly not encouraging any unbiased answers.

I apologise for that outburst;it escalated out of proportion.As you can see I exude controversy.

So Dear Readers I kindly ask you  to join in this experiment, give your opinion ,state your claim stand up or you can sit down I'm not that particular and also tell me how I could improve this blog as the days go on ( I feel like I'm either talking to myself or sending a message into space hoping for some extraterrestrial life form to respond).  

To paraphrase President Jimmy Carter "I'll never tell a lie. I'll never make a misleading statement. I'll never betray the confidence that any of you had in me. And I'll never avoid a controversial issue.If I can't help it that is,I am only human"