Thursday, September 25, 2014

HeForShe:The Peaceful Coexistence of the Sexes

Dear Readers 

I’m sure by now you’ve all seen or heard of the UN pro-gender equality campaign #HeForShe, and especially the very eloquent Emma Watson‘s emotionally stirring speech.   

The quiver in her voice I felt emphasized the direness of the situation and served to further strengthen the whole message. 

Truly inspiring.

This set me off on an exciting, gear crunching thought process. 

What is sexism derived from?

Sexism stems from the biological differences between a male and a female, or in scientific terms the sexual dimorphism that arises due to the DNA composition of humans. 

Just for the sake of it I’ll mention a few differences both general and physiological:

Women have a higher life expectancy

Men have a higher muscle mass and testosterone 

Men have a higher tolerance of pain

Women are more cold resistant

Men have a larger and denser bone structure  

Women have better skin 

Men are from Mars 

Women are from Venus 

Women have a vagina 

Men have a penis 

I could go on. 

But the point is that this led my train of thought to the second stop of its journey. 

Generalization and Stereotyping

All the above mentioned qualities are generalizations based on quantified standard deviation, means and bell curves. Although statistical quantification has many merits, generalizations however come with a price.
The communion between these generalizations and society gives birth to skewed preconceptions and stereotyping. 

Women are weak, Men are Strong is a classic exemplification of prejudice that has been drilled into our subconscious. This is could not be further from the truth however. 

I direct you to footage of this 13 year old girl who bench presses 240 pounds; More than most of the guys I know and way more than I can which isn’t saying much but serves to render this preconception to be false.

The negativity that stems from standard deviation is that, for this skill she is considered an anomaly, an outlier. Women with muscular bodies are viewed as unnatural. Having no muscle tone or strength is a considered a threat to the masculinity of a man. 

Thankfully this narrow mindedness is dissipating rapidly, however the fact that it is still even present should be cause enough to take action should it not? 

Everyone is unique and has a unique set of traits, skills, ideals and flaws. Why aren’t we more accepting of the choices of our own species?  

Human nature 

We are a communal creatures and such I believe that we have an inherent need to fit in. But does this need to familiarize in turn cause a primal instinct to discriminate?  

It is indeed human nature to judge things; an ability that has enabled our very survival to be just.  However reckless, uneducated, biased and callous judgment instigates inequity and injustice. 

But are we all really equal? 

Equality and Communism

The answer is No.  There are countless factors that affect equality, cultural and general, local and global, most of which only serves to feed bigotry and intolerance.  So why then do we cling to such disparity? Why not level the playing field?

Thus, Communism was born.  An incredible sociological, political and economic notion and concept brought into theory by two German philosophers Karl Marx and Fredrich Engles, and first implemented by Lenin and further established by Stalin. It sought to eliminate the boundaries of social class and wealth and promote common ownership of resources and means of production. 

Although a revolutionary ideology its functionality suffered due to the fact that it didn’t take into account that people, although communal, were indeed diverse, in their beliefs, needs and aspirations leading to its demise.



Inequality it would seem is the fundamental nature of the world. We all start our lives at different places, associate with different societies and adopt different ideals and morale compasses. Yet it is this struggle through inequality to achieve our destinies or goals that inspires change, makes us push the boundaries of our knowledge and motivates us to strive for continuous improvement.  

And if by some extraordinary event we manage to achieve absolute equality we would simply be dull drones living the same life stuck in a state of homeostasis.

Inequality adds diversity to life, and in my eyes, diversity enriches the existence of humanity.

However this only applies to general inequality. Inequality between races, gender, sexual orientation and classes should be abolished.

Equal opportunity, rights, and tolerance should be afforded to everyone.

My perspective 

This winding track which my train of thought chugged along finally arrived at station “where do I stand” 

Call me old fashioned but I think it is highly inappropriate for a man to hit a woman, although there are probably many women (including my girlfriend) who could kick my ass in a real fight, just boils down to how I was raised. 

Gender equality doesn’t necessarily mean that boys and girls should be treated in the exact same way

The general aim for the HeForShe program is to instill equality amongst the genders based on the following principles.

Both genders should have the same rights

Both genders should be offered the same protection from the law

Both male and female counterparts must have the same wages
Both genders must be given the same respect 

Both genders should be given the same opportunities
It sickens me to think that there are some patriarchal societies that think of women as possessions given to men to be done with as they please.  Not only is this archaic viewpoint morally and ethically wrong to its core but it is obsolete and only a hindrance to the growth of the community.  

I urge, beg and plead for men, especially to the youth, who are in such communities to step back and grasp the gravity of these actions; these are irrefutable and unforgivable crimes and sins against the entire race of humanity.  

Think of these actions being performed on your mothers, your sisters and  your daughters 

Seek Repentance

Seek Change

Seek Equality

Monday, September 8, 2014

Double O Desperation: Cloud Fall

Dear readers

Last week saw the fall from favour of the infamous cloud storage system.

caricature of the cloud interface

Some equally famous Celebrities have found themselves in an extremely awkward predicament as some sorry sexually frustrated
SOBs caught them with their pants down……………literally.
Big Bang Theory:Sheldon with no pants

 I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I too was subjected to this invasion of privacy as a..Ahem.. Slightly revealing photograph was released to a seedy part of the internet. 

But as internet amendment 34 states “If it exists…. Oh pardon me wrong amendment. I believe its amendment 43 that states “once it’s out on the internet, it’s out there forever”.

Illustration of rule 43 of the internet

Here’s a recapitulation of the pain we went through 

: /Root of the problem

Apple’s iPhones have an automatic backup system on default which connects your camera roll to your icloud.
This means that pictures new and old are automatically uploaded to and are backed up on the cloud even if they are deleted on your phone and are only erased if and when you do another back up.    

For people with hectic lifestyles (like celebrities) this is a hassle. Thus they are vulnerable to being shot down from cloud number 9. 

How were we hacked?

I’m not an expert on the subject but from what I understand there are two main manners in which this could have occurred.

A melding of megusta and pringles manA) Someone with personal information could’ve hacked in by answering security questions and such. Looking at you, cousin Julius Pringles.

B) Security hole which allowed Brute force cryptographic attacks to be launched to technically exhaust all username and password combinations till login.

Apple states that this security hole has been throughly patched up

Are the majority of us tech savvy? 


Is there a surge in horny hackers out there? 


a meme illustrating the many pickup lines of computer literate perverts

What can we do about it? 


Well I personally posted the leaked picture of me on my instagram just to spite those bastards.

But you could do the following to avoid your.... business…… being the business of others  

1. Employ the two step verification system.

- This is not a solution to the security holes but rather a barrier to brute force attacks. Although this doesn’t prevent hackers from identifying your username and password, it is the second step that is designed to stump them as it requests the user enter a verification code sent directly to their phone which hackers they don’t have access to.

2. Faking it

- Strictly not speaking of orgasms, another instance where faking it is beneficial is when answering your security questions. This will prevent someone from your direct social sphere hacking your account. 

Where were you born?

What’s your pet’s name?
Mum’s the word

What is the first name of the person you first kissed?
I think a lot of the hackers who want to hack me will share this answer. “Imaginary”

3) Keep calm……..

4) Prevention is better than scandal
-Just disable cloud syncing and delete previous photostreams by logging into your iCloud and deleting them.

To anyone who suffers from the same plight as I, I say to you the past is the past

There are much bigger problems than one's boobs being blazoned online
 Have no ragrets 

 Coz Yolo

You don’t need clothes to look Swag 

Tell the haters to “MYOB”

and FFS Don’t feed the gremlins

Flasher Gremlin

Friday, September 5, 2014

Em Drive: The Little Engine That Could

Dear Readers

In this vast Blogosphere it is vital to differentiate yourself from the rest of the faceless mass. I have done this by always being fashionably late and thus keeping stories alive. By giving you outdated news, I strive to combat their extremely high mortality rate.

In this day and age People yearn for new and fresh things, it’s like they have this bottomless pit in their souls which they try to fill up by cramming the latest trend, radical acronyms, hip songs, etcetera, etcetera.

First things first I’m the realest; so to those people I say screw you sirs and madams and while we are at it, screw main stream media.

I’m a Hipster jyeah , Bohemian jyeah  hypocrite, Did I say that out loud?  jyeah.But no matter ,the point is  old is gold (or bit coin, apparently that’s supposed to be more expensive).  
After that long winded excuse for my tardiness that alienated not only you dear readers but also my colleagues in the media sector Let us dwell upon a controversy of greater import and actual impact.

 I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the EM drive, the proposed Electromagnetic wave engine that seemingly defies the laws of physics, specifically speaking the law of conservation of momentum and energy. 
A meme cleverly employing the name of the professor in the photograph Em drive electron magnetic waves microwaves photons science thruster engine space travel astronomy exploration spacecraft future fuelless industry quantum mechanics laws of physics 
It is wondrous how the quantum realm defies main-stream classical physics. 

 We are both of rebellious nature like that. 

The device offers seemingly reaction-less thrust which to scientists, especially classical ones, verges on blasphemy. 


However British Inventor, aerospace engineer and a director of Space Propulsion Research .Ltd Roger Shawyer argues that this is not the case .By using the framework of special relativity, he states that the differential of radiation pressure is caused by the action of group velocity of waves in different frames of reference which basically means that a reaction occurred.

How it works


Em drive electron magnetic waves microwaves photons science thruster engine space travel astronomy exploration spacecraft future fuelless industry quantum mechanics laws of physics

The EmDrive uses a high powered vacuum tube called a magnetron that creates microwaves which are fed into a conical resonant cavity (waveguide) that directs this microwave energy towards a dielectric resonator which oscillates these waves with greater amplitudes and when it finally reaches the end of the tapered cavity, turns this energy into thrust

What’s incredible is that the only energy it needs for this thrust is electricity, no reaction mass fuel is needed. Nada! Nihil! 什麼都不! Pagh! 

Meme of a Kligon saying "No" Em drive electron magnetic waves microwaves photons science thruster engine space travel astronomy exploration spacecraft future fuelless industry quantum mechanics laws of physics
Worf, Son of Mogh

Product Testing 1, 2, 3

Chinese researchers led by Professor Juan Yang created a proto type of the proposed EM drive (which he claimed to have created a valid electromagnetic theory behind) A maximum thrust of 720 mN was measured at 2500 W of input power.

To put this in context the thrust created by the ion drive (used in space craft engines) is 20–250mN. Phenomenal isn’t it?
Nasa replicated this drive and although they made a miniature version of the Chinese proto type (lazy asses) they still got promising results. 

Cannae drive Vs Em drive: The fourth Punic war

Cannae drive was invented by one Feta.

Oh pardon me that’s the Cheese.

Fetta, Mr.Guido Fetta is his name and his device is quite similar to the Em Drive however it uses a single plate at the end to provide its thrust unlike the Em drive which uses two.

Let’s just say that if Cannae was Rome and EM was Carthage, Rome would’ve lost the Punic wars, the world would be a different place and Jesus would be alive! Can I get an Amen ?!

But enough of the hypotheticals (talk about irony). It’s like what my girlfriend said when she compared me to her ex, there’s a lot of potential here, but it just doesn’t produce as much thrust. 

Gif of a storm trooper thrusting his hips back and forth Em drive electron magnetic waves microwaves photons science thruster engine space travel astronomy exploration spacecraft future fuelless industry quantum mechanics laws of physics
In hindsight that probably wasn’t a good analogy…….for many reasons…….onward. 

Space Application 

Although Emdrive offers a host of solutions for terrestrial problems fuel, etc, the most thrilling prospect and main intention is for Space propulsion.

Not only does this offer fuel-less propulsion, the electricity that is needed to make this work is to be harnessed using the power of Ra.

This use of photovoltaic systems to power it almost makes the EMdrive a self sufficient and fundamentally a never ending source of energy.     

illustration of the Em drive electron magnetic waves microwaves photons science thruster engine space travel astronomy exploration spacecraft future fuelless industry quantum mechanics laws of physics

 Implications and Benefits 

  •    Numero Uno Ladies and gents. Space Travel just became hella cost efficient. From getting to LEO,GEO and beyond.  

  •  Offers better maneuverability and travel time reduction due to thrust capacity. It is assumed that the travel to mars can be reduced from I dunno 8 months to a matter of weeks. And even more excitingly it is proposed that an enhanced juiced up version of the EM drive could enable travel to Proxima Centauri within the span of 30 years!

  • Satellite orbits can be altered with ease allowing for greater flexibility.

  •   Longer Satellite Lifespan. The microwave generating cathodes have a life span of 15 years. Procedures can be set up so that Satellites can replace this and go in for further maintenance to Space Stations thus increasing their lifespan from around 20 years to around 30-45 years.

International space Station Em drive electron magnetic waves microwaves photons science thruster engine space travel astronomy exploration spacecraft future fuelless industry quantum mechanics laws of physics

  • Space Missions will have greater parameters and greater freedom due to the lack of threat from fuel consumption rations.  Payloads can also be increased, with estimated launches of upto 20 tonnes being common with the implementation of the Drive.

  • Space Industry became more viable, economic and less further away. Travel has been a major obstacle in the realization of industrial space and even the colonization of Mars now we are just one step closer to that dream becoming a reality.
depiction of colonized mars Em drive electron magnetic waves microwaves photons science thruster engine space travel astronomy exploration spacecraft future fuelless industry quantum mechanics laws of physics

And on that Shocking revelation (which isn’t true this was in development from back in 2006) it is time to write off this article. Further info about the EMdrive can be found on the website.

But before ending dear readers we must salute the work of all the people who have contributed to the theory and development of the EmDrive, for it truly is an astounding invention.

Hats off to you Sir Roger Shawyer.
Haters gonna Hate.
But I’m just going to shake, shake, shake my maracas. 

Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai