Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Well my astute readers you would've guessed by the title that this post is dedicated to our beloved ex-disney star,miss Hannah Montana herself, Miley Cyrus.Specifically her performance on the 2013 VMAs.
It's baffling that this is such a highly discussed topic when there is definitively more important things out there...........however since it's piqued everyone's attention I thought I'd add my two cents to help fuel  the media blaze.

I'm pretty sure everyone who reads this ,has probably  seen the young popstar's "raunchy" performance or at the very least heard of it.For those of you who haven't it involved a lot of hip shaking,movment of rear ends in a very sexual manner and tongue wagging,pardon the pun.

miley cyrus robin thicke VMAs 2013 video music awards hot sexual controversy twerk blurred lines
Now I have nothing against Miley Cyrus,in general and about the fact that she is growing up . I also understand that she wants to distance herself from that child-icon role,and wants people to treat her like an adult ,however this is just overdoing it.

What bothers me is her blatant disrespect towards her younger fans who are growing up, and that a person would act so sexually on a platform that does not require such lascivious behaviour,there are other platforms specifically designed to accomodate such actions.(PORNOGRAPHY)

I feel it degrades the whole music community that someone thinks that grinding their behind in such a overtly sexual manner is the only way to get attention and be recognised.

Don't get me wrong I don't mind a little provocative behaviour,subtle innuendos are ok in my book. People may say "Sex Sells" and I agree however in this wide spectrum you have to decide where you stand. Are you making a bluefilm or are you making music.We didn't spend thousands of years becoming civilised to rub crotches in public like animals.

Welll that's my rant and my opinion,comment stating your opinion on  Miley's performance at the VMAs.


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  2. Thanks,I'm glad you like it and concur with my opinion.I appreciate your comment.Thank you