Friday, October 7, 2016

Pentagon,Pottinger Propaganda and Prejudice

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In a turn of events that would bring a tear of joy and pride to the master manipulator Niccolo Machiavelli himself, it was revealed to us that the Pentagon paid the British PR company, Bell Pottinger Private, $540 million for a propaganda campaign of psychological manipulation to establish to power a US-controlled government in Iraq.

However it is not the machinating itself that is shocking.
What’s shocking is how little the public is talking about this stark and damning evidence of the US government’s guilt instead choosing to chatter about a stupid, annoying pineapple pen song and even worse, the Kardashians. If only the government conspired to kill that obnoxious Asian fellow or some of the “Ashians” instead of the countless innocents, whose lives were lost in the wars, fought under self-created rationale.  I know, I know the song is probably a parody of the mainstream music industry and its obsession with pumping out the garbage they call “songs” with catchy choruses. But we’ll get to that in just a moment. First a bit of background….
Bell Pottinger Private is a UK based marketing firm which specializes in PR which we all know stands for Pretense Retail. They’ve played henchmen to many a seedy person and government, including Britain’s very own “Iron Lady” (an image which they helped create), Margret Thatcher, the Assad regime, the fascist Chilean dictator August Pinochet, who came to power after a CIA involved coup against the democratic leader Salvador Allende, etc. At this point I would make a Faustian reference but that requires these people to be in possession of actual souls to begin with. The latest dealings of Bell Pottinger that have come to light, is the propaganda scheme it ran for, surprise, surprise the US government.

According to a joint research conducted by the Bureau of investigative Journalism and the Sunday times the UK based company hired the free-lance video editor, Martin Wells, to fly to Iraq and shoot and edit covert propaganda videos for what was subtly dubbed the Joint Psychological Operations Task Force (JPOTF), which entailed falsifying news to imitate Arabic broadcasts, promoting “democratic voting” to bolster support for the US-led coalition government, conducting anti-Al-Qaeda campaign and apparently dropping CDs containing propaganda footage of the terrorist group, around in raided Iraqi houses, in an “effort” to track Al-Qaeda sympathizers, the success of which Bell Pottinger itself accepted was not provable.

This Gif  proves you wrong "dear" writer!

In the present where false advertising is admonished, and rightfully so, a revelation such as the psychological brainwashing campaign that forcibly imbued the mentality which would have the world, including the public of Iraq itself, see the US invasion as a savior’s crusade, going without reprimand and repercussion is just outrageously twisted. This is just one propaganda scandal that has been showcased to the public, who knows how many ill-willed psychopaths have benefitted from the mind warping dark magic and sacrificial blood rituals those goons concoct behind the closed doors of their London Headquarters.

Whilst some may stand adamant in that they are impervious to the manipulation of advertising and propaganda, exposure itself is enough to make subtle cues that will leave the message rattling around in your brain like the latest Justin Bieber song. So damn catchy makes me want to jump into cold water and drown. Dammit! The message is getting to me already!

Bieber trying to drown a child in pool water

Campaigns like the current US presidential election voting campaign is a prime example, forcing us to choose between candidates who, most of the populous think, is just the lesser evil compared to the other, just so we are mentally conditioned to think that our vote played a part in the election of the next president when in fact it couldn’t be more inconsequential.
This is something that warrants taking your genitalia out for…as you once did for the Real OG (Overkilled Gorilla) Harambe.


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