Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Comeback of Mr.Controversial

Frank;disambiguation: a very honest bloke I know
Dear Readers

Firstly I apologise for my outright abandonment of the blog.

I was exclusively, executively and officially "white collared", which to be frank (Frank; disambiguation: a very honest bloke I know) I found did not "suit" me very well.

 At the risk of this preamble sounding like the plot of a rather well known TV series I am ecstatic to announce that I, much like the unreformed criminal, have returned to the art that I love and adore, to the cheap thrills and tingles down my spine that instant gratification provides, to the Life…….of Controversy.

And my, what has happened to the world since my departure from the interweb.....

The ever increasing terrorism of the so called Islamic State whose agenda is to stick it to the very infidels who created them.

Not to mention Boko Haram and Al-Shabab groups continuous murderous ravaging of Africa.  

The Syrian Crisis, Military interventions in Syria, Airstrikes, Airstrikes and more Airstrikes, Casualties, Amnesty reports, The Refugee exodus to Europe.

 Global tensions rising; particularly involving the Middle East, Russia and Europe.

The Stampede in Mecca, that resulted in the death of a vast number of pilgrims

Turkey’s attempted Coup’d etat, which might soon result in the brutal coup de grace of the insurgents. 

Sanctions being lifted from Iran and Sanctions being imposed on North Korea.

Devastating Earthquakes in Nepal, Ecuador, Italy and the Hindu Kush
The Resurgence of the Zika virus in the backdrop of the Rio Olympics.  
 The infamous Brexit which had everyone running helter-skelter looking for “safe haven” assets.

The U.S presidential candidacy being "contested" by an ever-molting, lying, snake in the grass and an ignorant, geriatric, jackass of a racist. 

All hell has broken loose, so it comes as no wonder that the Doomsday clock leaves us 3 metaphorical minutes away from the Apocalypse.

Although things are undeniably bleak, history teaches us that things could be, and damn sure were bleaker at one point or other.

However this is not a justification of our actions nor an excuse that would allow us to sit idle whilst history repeats itself.

Rather it is a reminder that we are human, all of us……innately flawed, some more than others....all we can hope for is that we don't commit actions that render us irredeemable
by the human race,
by our loved ones, and
by ourselves. 


P.S. Over the coming weeks I aim to commit to uploading a post ever other day at the least and restarting the digging up diamonds and phraseology series.

Image Sources:
Gokhan Tan/Getty Images
Omar Havana/Getty Images
Chris Keane & Mike Segar/Reuters

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